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Rugs Company is an Italian rugs sellers with over 30 years of experience, a particular attention to fine materials, design quality, detail and a deep love for traditional craftsmanship.

With this catalogue the client wanted to entirely upgrade its brand perception in the mind of their dealers network. At the same time it was mandatory to show as many possible products, in all their variations of design and colors.

We interviewed the client to better understand where they found inspiration to put together their collections. The rich and centuries long textile tradition of Sardinia, Turkey and North African countries were the cornerstone of their design and production choices.
In a word this was truly a Mediterranean culture product line.

The whole catalogue we designed balance key elements to give the unique feeling of a Mediterranean summer day. Minimal design home decor objects, with natural and rough textures, match the rugs design and color palette page after page.

The cover resembles a mighty yet calm sea wave, while being a closeup of a resin art piece.
Last but not least, the font elevate dramatically the positioning of the brand. A major change that was instantly acknowledged by the network.

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