Alfa Romeo Giulietta MY 2019 AGGIORNARE

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With Giulietta Model Year 2019 the positioning logic of the range in the market changes above all, with a trim level dedicated to the female-manager target.

In designing the course we focused on this concept: the map with the positioning of the trim levels in the market becomes the main navigation tool, which gives access to all areas. The learning quizzes break the rhythm of the tale, entertaining the user along the way, rather than testing him at the end.

For this project we also designed the Model Year logo, which had been used for the various training materials and activities.


gamification proposal

Win boredom and raise attention is what every training courses always need. With this in mind we proposed a technically simple, no bespoke coding required, fun and involving click-and-reveal game.

Scenario: the Geneva International Car Show is about to start, but the dealer that has to open the Alfa Romeo stand is trapped in a dark and gloomy garage.

The online course/game leads him to explore the car’s new features by finding and collecting various items.

At the end, the garage is unlocked and the dealer is free to run, with his new Giulietta.

FCA Unetversity for Alfa Romeo
EMEA market area
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17 languages
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