Glator gloves

Naming, logo, packaging and gadget design.

Glator is part of a cool and design collection of silicone kitchenware. Easy to wear and to use, these gloves perfectly protect your hands even from boiling water, while guaranteeing a perfect grip.

Phil Brewer, owner of the company, former fighter pilot and books author, needed both naming, logo and packaging design for this new product.

The texture of these BBQ gloves made us think of the alligator, strong and indestructible. The packaging plays on the contrast between brown kraft light cardboard and the white and bright orange of the logo.
As a tribute to the author pilot past, we designed on the back an “Easter egg”, which makes the product unique in the market. The airplane model actually used by flight instructors in their lessons since the 1940s, which can be detached and really fly.

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