Ferrero Metalli: Gift design

Company New Year gift design, cyanotype illustration, copywriting 

“a lot is created, when everything is transformed”

Ferrero Metalli is a metal waste recovery industry. The client was used to gift their customers with a one year popular magazine subscription, which was handed in a blank canvas bag.

Metal waste recovery is not the most “romantic” market area to work for, but it plays a key step in environment protection.
We wanted to make something special, that conveyed the concept of nature, transformation and recycling.

We selected some of the most inspiring wasted metal pieces we could found in their trucks and used them to create a cyanotype illustration, with the aid of the sun light.
The picture was then printed on organic cotton canvas bags, with a small headline saying: “Molto si crea, quanto tutto si trasforma” (a lot is created, when everything is transformed).

The canvas bag was wrapped with a long label saying: “Let’s look at the new year, in a new light. The illustration of this bag was created using scrap metal and the bright sunlight. Thanks to the technique of cyanotype, forms are born and unique and unrepeatable colors.”

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