Analyzing requirements

A good, in-depth analysis is the foundation of every Instructional Design process.
When analyzing, we start from the training and business needs, taking into account four other areas:
Audience, Content, Technology, and Expectations.

Identify Learning Objectives

Well defined and client validated learning objectives help us to clearly distinguish between
the ‘good-to-know’ and ‘must-know’ content.
This varies depending on what audience we are referring to and what training we will deliver:
if a main course on a product launch, or a gap recovery one, for newly hired workforce.

From complexity to capabilities.

We have 25 years of experience in copywriting for training. We know how to “translate the complexity” of many product and services into a solid, easy to be understood and marketing oriented content.
We propose to the client a variety of instructional approaches: story, problem, video, game-based, etc.
Once defined the best approach for the training needs, budget and deadlines, we develop a the storyboard that will backbone the entire project.

Organizing content, defining the approach

We define contents logical sequence in relation to the chosen instructional approach:
story, problem, video or game-based.
Engagement is critical, so we work hard on the interface design (always custom made).
We carefully place attention-grabbing activity, motivational videos, reflection questions, interactivity, scenarios and examples all along the course to give the user the best learning experience.

Merging all ingredients for the perfect plate

When the storyboard and prototype are signed off, we can work at full speed in developing the full project. We work in close contact with the client’s SMEs or product mangers to double check all relevant informations are present, updated and delivered in the defined way.
Course’s assets (visuals, interactivities, videos, voice overs, knowledge checks, test-outs) are skillfully merged
into a well refined, consistent course that will be tested and debugged, before being deployed on the customer’s LMS.

Launching in steps, or worldwide.

With everything ready and well tested, we are ready to launch the course.
A course can be launched in different steps (with pre-courses, teaser-courses or some markets accessing before than others).
It can also happens in one worldwide launch, with all given localizations implemented and managed by us.
Training courses are usually hosted on the clients’s LMS.
If the client has no LMS of their own, we use Docebo well known platform.

Did it worked just well or great?

The final step is to evaluate the impact of training.
We treasure both learners feedback, and the organization feedback. Was the training engaging and useful? Did it positively impacted the business? Is it helping to achieve the defined needs?
These feedbacks will be key ingredients of the new projects we will tackle, helping us in our ongoing process of improvement.

1. Requirements
2. Objectives
3. Storyboard
4. Design
5. Developing & Testing
6. Kick-off
7. Evaluation

Learn, adapt, evolve. 

Training employees
to keep your business in a good shape.

Every day, worldwide companies invest in their most important asset: people keeping them going on, in frantically changing scenarios.

We know these changes very well, because we’ve been aside these companies’ training institutions for more than 20 years.

We changed styles, narrative rhythm and media, but today like then we help them keeping up in a running world, with customized courses and support localized for the most diverse languages and Markets.

primo punto
secondo punto
terzo punto

Challenging complexity with creativity.

Upleveling your training content, design & engagement.

We offer you a unique mix of skills and backgrounds, all aimed to one goal: give your instructional training fresh contents to make your salesforce work better.

Two things make us special. First, we come from advertising and we think in terms of high creativity and direct messages, which act at the heart of people’s behavior.

Second, we love in depth telling projects and complex products, because they are challenging. Many say they love challenges, but since the beginning we made out of them our DNA’s distinctive trait.

Our instructional training skills

Challenging complexity
with creativity.

Why we are
your best choice

We are used to frenetic rhythms, impossible deliveries, having to explain products that they do not yet have a shape and to make the contents of even the most daunting for-internal-company-use PowerPoint flourish.

All this make us the best choice to create more engaging, well cared learning projects with messages which reach the the mind and the heart of learners, getting the most out of your training investment.

Instructional design
Training contents copywriting
LMS or SCORM training design and implementation
Train-the-Trainers portable 3D applications
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