Logos & visual identity systems design

Having a well designed logo has always been important. Today is critical, since we live in a visually cluttered scenario and our market offers a never ending array of products and services, broadcasted on many different platforms.
During our over 25 years experience, we designed logos of companies of every size, helping them to understand their logo key role in building their brand identity and achieving business success..

Brochures, book covers, editorial and printouts design

With over 25 years of experience in the field, we provide state-of-the-art graphic design for all editorial purposes. From books to magazines, from catalogs to booklets all tailored to excel both technically and creatively speaking.

Packaging & labels

Packaging is the first handshake between the product and your client. It’s the starting point of their relationship.
That’s why we design packaging and labels to give clarity, functionality and beauty, always keeping in mind of to minimize our impact of the environment. Our packaging will make your product and it’s quality stands out even in the most cluttered competition.

augmented virtual reality design

We define contents logical sequence in relation to the chosen instructional approach:
story, problem, video or game-based.
Engagement is critical, so we work hard on the interface design (always custom made).
We carefully place attention-grabbing activity, motivational videos, reflection questions, interactivity, scenarios and examples all along the course to give the user the best learning experience.

web & digital design

When the storyboard and prototype are signed off, we can work at full speed in developing the full project. We work in close contact with the client’s SMEs or product mangers to double check all relevant informations are present, updated and delivered in the defined way.
Course’s assets (visuals, interactivities, videos, voice overs, knowledge checks, test-outs) are skillfully merged
into a well refined, consistent course that will be tested and debugged, before being deployed on the customer’s LMS.

video & motion graphic design

With everything ready and well tested, we are ready to launch the course.
A course can be launched in different steps (with pre-courses, teaser-courses or some markets accessing before than others).
It can also happens in one worldwide launch, with all given localizations implemented and managed by us.
Training courses are usually hosted on the clients’s LMS.
If the client has no LMS of their own, we use Docebo well known platform.

Logos & branding
editorial & print
packaging & labels
portable 3D & AVR
web & digital
video & motion

Our manifesto:

“Quality is there or is not there. If it’s not, we have lost our time”
Massimo&Lella Vignelli)

1. design with a meaning

We believe that design needs solid reasons to exist in a visually clogged world.
We work every single assignment to create design with a meaning: for clients, users and ourselves.

“You can design and create (…) but it takes people to make the dream a reality.” (Walt Disney)

2. design with respect

We believe that design is made by people, for people.
We root our design in listening needs and respecting the wide spectrum of values that different cultures have.
We started inclusiveness long ago, when it wasn’t at all about “compliance to guidelines”.

“Confused design reveals a confused mind” (Massimo&Lella Vignelli)

3. design with clarity

We believe that design needs to self explain, carry messages with flowing clarity, have that elegance that stands the passing of visual trends.

“No beauty is attractive without zest.” (Christian Dior) 

4. design with liveliness

We believe that design must be light, but lively. We plan our design to use only the really needed resources (being them materials, users attention and time, clients money, space to be stored, …).

We craft our design with such use of colors, typography, proportions and materials to make people smile when they have it in their hands.

“The real victory is a job done well.” (Zaha Hadid)

5. design with values

We believe that design helps the society we live in to work better. We work to create design that has a long lasting usefulness for the users, not to make something disposable and quickly forgotten. 

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secondo punto
terzo punto
Our design services for your next project

Be meaningful, your way.

We help you finding your brand’s voice, values and style

We work and compete in modern markets: overcrowded with competitors, packed with similar products and services, filled with chattering media.

In this world full of voices and noises, being meaningful and consistent is the only way for you to stand out and being chosen.

Being meaningful in what you communicate means defining who you are, your values, your identity. It means explaining in a fast yet complete way what you offer. It means deciding who is your ideal client and take the hard decision to engage with them only.
It means giving your now-well-defined customers sound reasons to choose you, now and “forever”.

Let’s be honest. This process isn’t easy, nor relaxing. It takes an effort and we are here to actively help you.

How? In the old school way.
We interview you and your subject matters experts. We ask your best case histories. We treasure the way you tell them in a real day-by-day language, because it makes everything more true and you. We research the market to see what your competitors are doing and telling.
Last, we start our copywriting and design magic, to give you the best branding and communication assets to tell your own story to the world, with your own style and tone of voice.

We are here you help you being different and yourself at the same time. Have a look at our portfolio, contact us and try our method.

Branding & Identity

Editorial & Print

Packaging & Labels

Portable 3D & AVR

Web & Digital

Video & Motion